Sung Jun Joo

Lab Alum

Now: Postdoctoral Fellow, Brain Development and Education Lab, UW-Seattle. [Current web page]
Postdoctoral fellow (2013-2016) – Center for Perceptual Systems and Department of Psychology, The University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA (Advisor: Alexander C. Huk)

Research Interests
Contextual modulation, Grouping, Adaptation, 3D motion, Perceptual decision making

Education & Prior Employment
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
• Ph.D. – Department of Psychology, December 2012
(Advisors: Drs. Scott O. Murray & Geoffrey M. Boynton)
Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
• M.S. – Cognitive Science, February 2008 (Advisor: Dr. Sang Chul Chong)
Korea University, Seoul, South Korea
• B.Eng. – Electronics Engineering, August 2001
Samsung Electronics, Suwon, South Korea (2002.1 ~ 2006.2)
• Software engineer – Mobile communications division


Joo, S.J., Czuba, T.B., Cormack, L.K., & Huk, A.C. (2016). Separate perceptual and neural processing of velocity- and disparity-based 3D motion signals. Journal of Neuroscience, 

Joo, S.J., Katz, L.N., & Huk, A.C. (2016). Decision-related perturbations of decision-irrelevant eye movements. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences., 113 (7): 1925-1930. [link]

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• Distinguished Thesis Award – by Yonsei graduate school, 2008
• Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award – by Vision Sciences Society, 2008