Postdoc recruitment

[posted Nov 16, 2020]

Joint postdoc with Cory Miller and Alex Huk, funded by a BRAIN Initiative U01 (“Neural circuit computations for visual motion during natural primate behaviors)”.

Cory, Alex, and some other close collaborators (Mary Hayhoe, Cris Niell, Jude Mitchell, Larry Cormack, Gert Cauwenberghs) are recruiting a postdoc to lead a project involving dorsal stream neurophysiology, natural image/movie statistics, and analysis of continuous behavior in freely-moving marmosets. Although all of those individual components are already in our group’s shared wheelhouse, we are hoping to get a great postdoc to tie these parts together into the heart of the program. There’s also a really cool engineering component, which entails the use of a lightweight, head-mounted system that supports both eyetracking and scene video, as well as high-channel count electrophysiology using chronically-implanted arrays. We’re incredibly excited about this project. 

Ideal candidates will bring a strong computational background, coupled with experience or interest in empirical work. We think momentum will come quickest for people who have a strong mathematical skill set (ground floor will involve GLMs, higher-order descriptive statistics of optic flow, and Kalman filter-based fitting of behavior). We’re open to hiring someone with a purely computational background who wants to learn to do experiments/surgeries/etc.

The position would be primarily based in UCSD with Cory, but the prospect of substantial travel to Austin would be ideal. It’s a deeply collaborative effort, and so working not just with Cory and Alex, but also with collaborators in Austin (Hayhoe, Cormack) and elsewhere would be a very real part of the wholistic environment. Finally, lab culture is very important to us, so finding someone who is a great team player is critical; in the other direction, we’ll strive to make this position as family-friendly and flexible as possible. Start dates are flexible.

Interested candidates should send a brief statement of background and interests to Cory & Alex (,