Alex Huk

The University of Texas at Austin (2004-present)    [CV as PDF][Google Scholar] [Wikipedia] [Neurotree]

Raymond Dickson Centennial Professor (II)

Director, Center for Perceptual Systems

Depts. of Neuroscience & Psychology (also: Institute for Neuroscience)

Faculty Director, Polymathic Scholars Undergraduate Honors Program

Contact info

Office: SEA 4.238

Email: huk “at”

Education and Training

Post-Doc, University of Washington (Seattle). Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics. Advisor: Mike Shadlen

Ph.D., Stanford University, 2001. Dept. of Psychology (Neuroscience area). Advisor: David Heeger

B.A., Swarthmore College, 1996. Major: Psychology, Minor: Linguistics. Advisor: Frank Durgin

Selected Awards & Service

NIH BRAIN Initiative Marmoset Steering Committee, 2021-present.

Lewis Endowment Teaching Professor, Plan II Honors Program, UT-Austin, 2019.

Member, SPC – NBVP study section, 2019-present.

Elsevier / Vision Sciences Society Young Investigator Award, 2011.

COSYNE conference, Workshops Chair (w/ Adam Kohn), 2009.

Teaching Excellence Award, College of Natural Sciences, UT-Austin, 2009.

CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 2008-2013.

Research Support (current)

“Motion processing with 2 eyes in 3 dimensions”, R01 Research Project Grant, National Institutes of Health / National Eye Institute. PIs: A. Huk, L. Cormack.

“Neural circuit computations for visual motion during natural primate behaviors”, BRAIN Initiative U01. PIs: Huk / Hayhoe / Cormack (UT-Austin), Miller / Cauwenberghs (UCSD), Mitchell (U Rochester), Niell (U Oregon).

“Maximizing flexibility: Optimized neural probes and electronics for long term, high bandwidth recordings”. BRAIN Initiative U01, PIs: Xie (Rice), Luan (Rice), Frank (UCSF), Huk (UT-Austin).

“Cortical computations underlying binocular motion integration”, R01 Research Project Grant, National Institutes of Health / National Eye Institute. PIs: Bair (University of Washington), Kohn (Albert Einstein School of Medicine), Huk (UT-Austin).

“NCS-FO: Connecting spikes to cognitive algorithms”, NSF Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems grant. PIs: I.M. Park (Stonybrook), Huk (UT-Austin).

“Visually-guided primate predation: Towards a computational neuroethology of primate vision and action.” Air Force Office of Sponsored Research. PIs: Huk (UT-Austin), Miller (UCSD).