Spring 2020: Welcome to Sufia Ahmad, a new PhD student, joining us after her INS rotations

Fall 2020: Welcome to Penny Chen, a new PhD student

May 2020: Congrats to Aaron Levi on his successful dissertation defense, with great Zoom attendance.

May 2019: Congrats to Eric Hart on his successful dissertation defense, and paper in eLife from his dissertation work!

January 2019: Congrats to Chao for receiving an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship

January 2018: Congrats to … Doctor … Kate Bonnen for her successful dissertation defense.

August 2017: A collaborative project with Memming Park’s lab, “Connecting spikes to cognitive algorithms”, has received support from the National Science Foundation’s “Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems” program and the federal BRAIN Initiative [info].

March 2017: Congrats to Kate for a VSS hat trick: 2017 ARVO/VSS Research Fellowship, a VSS Student Travel Award, and a FoVea Travel and Networking Award.

September 2016: Bijan Pesaran (NYU) and David Freedman (U of Chicago) discuss our recent work in a Trends in Neuroscience spotlight [link]

April 2016: Congrats to Leor and Jake for successful (back-to-back) dissertation defenses! [edit: Sorry, congratulations to Drs Katz and Yates]

October 2015: BRAIN Initiative grant (“Understanding neural circuits“) awarded to Priebe / Huk / Fiete / Zemelman / J. Mitchell.

May 2015: Devon’s poster received a “student poster award” at VSS.

Dec 2014: Thad’s paper on 3D motion was featured as a “Research Highlight” in Nature Reviews Neuroscience.

Fall 2014: Congrats to Memming, who will be starting as an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook in January 2015.

Dec 2013: Jonas Knöll (incoming postdoc) awarded DFG postdoctoral fellowship.

July 2013: Leor Katz awarded HHMI International Student Research Fellowship.