Alex Huk

Current position

Associate Professor

Section of Neurobiology,

Center for Perceptual Systems, and

Dept. of Psychology (by courtesy)

Institute for Neuroscience

The University of Texas at Austin

Education and training

  1. Post-Doc, University of Washington (Seattle). Advisor: Mike Shadlen

  2. Ph.D., Stanford University, 2001. Advisor: David Heeger

  3. B.A., Swarthmore College, 1996. Advisor: Frank Durgin

Recent awards and service

  1. Elsevier / Vision Sciences Society Young Investigator Award, 2011.

  2. Executive Committee member, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division.

  3. Cosyne conference, Workshops Chair (w/ Adam Kohn), 2009.

  4. Teaching Excellence Award, College of Natural Sciences, UT-Austin, 2009.

Research support

  1. Motion processing with 2 eyes in 3 dimensions, (R01-EY020592), R01 Research Project Grant, National Institutes of Health / National Eye Institute (PIs: Huk, L. Cormack, A. Kohn).

  2. Neural time-integration underlying higher cognitive function, (R01-EY017366), R01 Research Project Grant, National Institutes of Health / National Eye Institute (PI: Huk).

  3. CAREER: Neural basis of the perception of motion through depth (BCS-0748413), Faculty Early Career Development Program Award, National Science Foundation (PI: Huk).

  4. Visual display equipment for dynamic 3D visual presentations, NVIDIA Corporation. Equipment gift-in-kind, 2009-on (Multiple PIs: Rokers, Cormack, Huk).

  5. Neural basis of visual experience, Mind Science Foundation Research Grant, (PI: Huk), 2008.



  1. BIO 366P: Laboratory in psychophysics (w/ N. Priebe), Spring 2011, Fall 2011

  2. BIO 337: Sensory systems and the brain (undergraduate), previous years

  3. BIO 365R: Vertebrate physiology I, previous years


  1. BIO 381K: Ethical and professional development in the systems neurosciences, Spring 2012

  2. BIO 381K: Computational approaches to sensory and cognitive neuroscience, Fall 2010

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