2 Cortical electrophysiology rigs (Macaca mulatta), using the MATLAB-based PLDAPS system which integrates Plexon data acquisition, DataPixx I/O controller and video splitter, and the PsychToolbox for experimental logic and visual stimulation; 1 capable of 1024 channel acquisition

1 extracellular electrophysiology rig (Callithrix jacchus), capable of 500+ channel recordings

1 Virtual-Reality extracellular electrophysiology rig (Callithrix jacchus)

1 “exploratory” rig for Neuropixels and/or whole cell electrophysiology (Callithrix jacchus),

Multiple configurations of electrode arrays for multi-neuron/multi-site recordings (Plexon U-probes/V-probes, Neuropixels, Blackrock Utah arrays, in-house tetrodes)

Syringe pumps and apparatus for pharmacological inactivations

1 human neuromuscular electromyography rig (intramuscular and surface EMG), PLDAPS-based

Visual displays & Psychophysical rigs

vPixx PROPixx projectors, with 240 Hz interleaved stereo, multiple projection screens for wide-field and stereoscopic displays, and variable (true) viewing distance

vPixx ViewPixx LCD display

Multiple research-caliber LCDs, including large-format stereoscopic rigs


EyeLink 1000 (2 kHz and head-free upgrades), available for electrophysiology, psychophysics, and fMRI, across all species

Other behavioral measurement devices

Bertec force plate

Leap motion trackers (MATLAB-integrated)

Fabrication (in-house)

Tormach 1100 CNC mill (with auto tool-changer and 4th axis) for custom metal machining

Tormach 15L Slant-Pro CNC lathe

Multiple 3D printers for prototyping and small widgets

See “Software” for more info, but here’s a link to our shared 3D print designs: Huk Lab Thingiverse