3 Cortical electrophysiology rigs (Macaca mulatta), using the MATLAB-based PLDAPS system which integrates Plexon data acquisition, DataPixx I/O controller and video splitter, and the PsychToolbox for experimental logic and visual stimulation

1 Cortical electrophysiology rig (Callithrix jacchus), capable of 500+ channel recordings

Multiple configurations of electrode arrays for multi-neuron/multi-site recordings (Plexon U-probes/V-probes, Blackrock Utah arrays, in-house tetrodes)

Syringe pumps and apparatus for pharmacological inactivations

1 human neuromuscular electromyography rig (intramuscular and surface EMG), PLDAPS-based

Visual displays

vPixx PROPixx projector, with 240 Hz interleaved stereo, multiple projection screens for wide-field and stereoscopic displays

vPixx ViewPixx LCD display

Multiple research-caliber LCDs, including large-format stereoscopic rigs


EyeLink 1000 (2 kHz and head-free upgrades), available for electrophysiology, psychophysics, and fMRI


3T Siemens Skyra scanner at the Imaging Research Center

vPixx PROPixx projector for MRI, with up to 240 Hz interleaved stereo in the scanner

Psychophysics and behavior

Bertec force plate

Leap motion trackers (MATLAB-integrated)

Fabrication (in-house)

Tormach 1100 CNC mill (with auto tool-changer and 4th axis) for custom metal machining

Makerbot 2 3D printer for prototyping and small widgets

See “Software” for more info, but here’s a link to our shared 3D print designs: Huk Lab Thingiverse